Garage Door Damage: Can You Claim On Your Insurance?

It's easy to damage your garage doors with your car, especially if you're in a hurry. According to the scale of the impact, research suggests that you could face a bill anywhere between $75 and $538, so if the bill ends up at the higher end of the scale, you may start to think about claiming on your insurance. If you've just damaged your garage door, learn more about the coverage offered by different types of insurance, and find out if it's worth filing a claim.

4 Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Before Christmas

An outdated garage door in need of repair or replacement can cause a number of problems. Your electric-powered door might freeze in place and need to be pulled open or shut by hand, or you may notice squeaking, creaking, or grinding sounds coming from the door or its motor. When your garage door fails to close completely, cold air may drift in through the cracks, resulting in a higher-than-usual electric bill for your family.

Having Problems With a Frozen Garage Door? Here's How to Fix 3 Major Issues

You might often expect your garage door to operate flawlessly year-round. However, plunging temperatures and the ice buildup that often comes with it can make it surprisingly difficult to open and close your garage door. If you want to avoid these problems this winter, then you'll want to take a look at more information for preventing a frozen garage door. Dealing with Ice Formation Cold weather combined with moisture often equals ice formation on a variety of surfaces, especially those that happen to be cold and metallic.

3 Tips For Painting A Steel Garage Door

A garage door can last for a long time. The average garage door has about a 20 year lifespan, though you may need to replace a spring or repair your automatic garage door opener during that time. However, your door will begin to deteriorate aesthetically long before it reaches the end of its useful life. With constant exposure to the elements, the paint will begin to fade, crack, or even peel off.

Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Garage Door Material

When it's time to replace your garage doors, there are many factors to consider. Possibly the most important one, however, is the door's material. Garage doors are made from steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum or a combination of materials. The best type for your home will depend on your answers to the following four questions. Are There Kids Around? For many people, children are a joy. There's no denying, however, kids can cause quite a bit of damage to a home.