7 Indications You Should Fix A Commercial Garage Door

If you run a business that uses garage doors, it's often easy to let the systems fade into the background. Ignoring commercial garage door repair issues, though, could prove costly. You should keep an eye on these seven possible indications a system needs repairs:

Slow Operations

Anyone who has ever watched a garage door open at a snail's pace and joked about whether it has a slow setting knows how bad this problem can get. A slow operating door can happen if there are issues with the motor, springs, rollers, or other components. The problem isn't going to get better without some work so you should ask a garage door repair professional to look at what might be wrong.


Some systems will keep working but make more noise when they do. It usually isn't a good thing when a garage door makes more noise than is normal. If you're noticing the noise level, there may be something amiss. That's especially the case if the system is making grinding, groaning, or whining noises.

Failure to Completely Close or Open

It rather defeats the purpose of a garage door for it to not entirely open or close. Even a half-inch of clearance could cost you money on heating or cooling bills, too. While the problem may be simple, such as a weak spring, fixing it could require some professional attention.

Non-Responsive Automated Systems

Many people at businesses give up trying to make automated components work on their locations' garage doors. Manual operation is fine to address your most immediate needs, such as closing a door so you can lock up. However, the automated opening and closing mechanisms should be responsive. If they're not, have a commercial garage door repair technician look at the issue.


A garage door should operate relatively smoothly. If it doesn't, there could be issues with the rollers or tracks.  Motor problems can cause wobbly operation, too. The solution might be as simple as greasing the rollers or straightening out a section of the track.

Smells or Smoke

Nothing good will come from a smell of smoke emanating from a garage door system. If you see or smell something wrong, halt the operation as soon as possible call a pro because there is a risk the system could short or even catch fire.

Increased Electrical Bills

You will probably rule out a bunch of other possible culprits before you suspect the garage doors. However, once you have ruled other things out, you should consider whether a malfunction in a motor or control unit is eating extra juice.