What To Do When Your Garage Door Won't Close

If your garage door won't close all the way or at all, you want to repair it fast. An open garage door can leave your home vulnerable to a host of things, including thieves and pests. Use the information below to help you repair your broken garage door today. 

Check the Garage Door Opener's Wall Switch

If you use an automatic or electric garage door opener to exit and enter your garage door, check it immediately. Automatic garage door openers receive their power from wall switches. Wall switches look similar to tiny doorbells. If the wires in the switch go bad, it won't be able to close or open your garage door when needed. 

Test the wall switch to see if it's the culprit behind your garage door's problems. If the switch doesn't activate or trigger the door to close, replace it. You can find a replacement for your wall switch online or at your local hardware store.

If the switch does work when you test it, check the opener itself for issues. The sensors inside the opener may be off or out of alignment. Your garage door may close all the way if you reset the sensors.

If your garage door still refuses to close after you complete the tasks above, call a garage door repair contractor and ask them to replace the switch for you.

Go ahead and check the wall switch in your garage. 

Call a Garage Door Repair Contractor

Garage doors can remain open or raised if they experience issues with their photo eye sensors. The door's cables and springs can also keep your door open if they become loose or weak. A contractor will troubleshoot each area of your garage door until they find the cause of its problems.

The first thing a repair technician will do is readjust the door's photo eye sensors. The sensors use a special beam of light to detect movement or motions at the bottom of the door. If the sensors malfunction and think something's near the bottom of the door, the door will remain open. The sensors should function properly after a contractor adjusts them.

A contractor will also perform a diagnostic check on the door's cables and springs. Garage door cables and springs use force to raise and lower your door. If the devices become loose or deteriorated with age, they may fail to close your door all the way. The devices can also keep the door closed. A contractor will need to replace the cables and springs on your garage door immediately.

If you need assistance closing your garage door, contact a garage door contractor for services today.