What You Should Know About Your Garage Door Torsion Spring

The tension spring is an essential component of any garage door. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of using your door repeatedly can necessitate torsion spring replacement to continue using your garage door. This blog will explain the function of garage door tension springs, the problems caused by a failing spring, and the steps for safe torsion spring replacement by a professional. What is a Garage Door Torsion Spring? The torsion spring is the main component that provides all the lifting power when opening or closing the door.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage doors are durable, but that doesn't exempt them from problems, which is why most homeowners always have problems with their garage door openers. And as you well know, your garage door is pretty useless if your opener can't function as expected. If you fail to address the problem, you'll have a hectic time trying to open and close your door.  Luckily, most garage door opener problems can be solved by a technician.