Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage doors are durable, but that doesn't exempt them from problems, which is why most homeowners always have problems with their garage door openers. And as you well know, your garage door is pretty useless if your opener can't function as expected. If you fail to address the problem, you'll have a hectic time trying to open and close your door. 

Luckily, most garage door opener problems can be solved by a technician. However, some problems might require you to get a new garage door opener. This article will address some most common garage door opener problems you should know. 

The Opener Is Noisy 

The latest models of garage door openers are virtually silent, meaning you can't hear any noise as you open or close the garage door. If you have such a garage door opener and start hearing odd noises, it could mean that there is something off with it. Your garage door opener might be getting too old, or it has a broken part. 

Unfortunately, It's hard to diagnose garage door opener problems by yourself. You'll have to call in a garage door expert to check the opener out. In most cases, the professional will repair the opener and quiet it. On the other hand, you might have to replace it if it comes down to age or model. 

The Keypad or Remote Control Won't Work

The other common problem is if your wall-mounted keypad or remote control won't activate your garage door opener. Here are a few reasons why your keypad or remote control won't work.

Improper Programming:

Your remote control and keypad have to be programmed to function correctly. Unfortunately, the programming can stop functioning, meaning that your opener won't communicate with the keypad or remote control. In that case, the entire system has to be reprogrammed to resume normal functioning. 

Dead Batteries

Sometimes, the issue can be a simple as dead batteries. You need to replace the batteries and test whether the remote control will work again.

Antenna Placement or Damage

Your garage door opener's antenna should point downward to work correctly. If it's not positioned appropriately, the opener won't work correctly. 

The Opener Reverses On Its Own

Sometimes, you might close your garage door, and it opens back on its own. This is a problem that happens when the safety eyes aren't placed correctly. In that case, you're required to adjust the safety eyes. Remember, the work of your safety eyes is to alert the opener to reverse the garage door when someone goes under or near the door. If the sensors aren't working correctly, you might need to have them replaced.  

If your garage door is struggling, call a residential garage door service in your area.