Garage Doors and House Sitters: What to Put on the to Do List

House sitters are the dedicated folks who keep your home safe and well-tended while you're away on vacation or a business trip. While they're on the job, you're free to let go of worries about home so you can concentrate on fun, or business, or both. Before you leave, there's a standard list of details you and the sitter agree upon. The list can range from feeding pets and collecting mail to bigger responsibilities, such as managing the landscape irrigation and handling any maintenance emergencies that occur.

Optimizing The Security Of Your Garage

Many people fail to consider every element of home security – they forget about securing the garage. Is your garage as secure as it can be? What else could you do to ensure that nobody can access the garage with ease? Here, you'll learn about garage door locks to help you secure the garage door optimally. Different Types of Locks Padlock – Garage door padlocks are heavy-duty and use a hasp and lock system to secure the door.