Optimizing The Security Of Your Garage

Many people fail to consider every element of home security – they forget about securing the garage. Is your garage as secure as it can be? What else could you do to ensure that nobody can access the garage with ease? Here, you'll learn about garage door locks to help you secure the garage door optimally.

Different Types of Locks

Padlock – Garage door padlocks are heavy-duty and use a hasp and lock system to secure the door. The hasp must be drilled into the concrete flooring or positioned on the door track. Once the hasp is in place, the padlock is used to keep the door from sliding open and closed. For best results, install this type of lock on the interior of the garage door to make it more difficult to tamper with.

Anchors – Garage door anchors use a bolt mechanism. Anchors are drilled into the flooring, and the bolt slides through the anchor. Most of the time, this type of lock is installed inside the garage.

Bolt Lock – Garage door bolt locks are much like the deadbolt that you have on the front door of your home. The bolt mechanism extends through a piece mounted to the door track. This lock uses a key to lock and unlock.

Electronic – Electronic garage door locks are an awesome feature to consider. Instead of having to keep track of a key, remember a combination or even access the garage through another door from the outside, you simply input a code into a keypad mounted to the exterior of the garage. When the right code is used, the door will unlock and open.

Additional Security Tips

Does your home security system extend into the garage? You should have alarms on every window and door in the garage. This is one element of home security that many homeowners overlook.

Protect your garage door opener remote control. Never leave the control inside your car when you take it to a shop to be worked on or when you use valet parking services. It's far too easy for potential burglars to copy the code that the control emits. In just a few seconds, someone could press the button on your control and use a device to copy the code.

Talk with your local residential garage door expert to learn more about what you can do to protect the contents of your garage and keep it as secure as possible. They will guide you through your options and come up with the best plan for your situation.