2 Visible Signs Your Garage Door's Springs Are Damaged

If your garage door is no longer opening and closing smoothly and/or is making loud screeching sounds while it is in motion, you may be wondering what could be causing the issues. One possible reason why the door is having problems could be that the springs have become damaged. To determine whether or not this is the case, perform a visual inspection of the springs to see if you find either of the signs below

1.  Gaps Between the Torsion Coils

One visual sign that indicates that your garage door's springs are damaged is gaps between the torsion coils. Normally, these coils are wound tightly, giving the springs the ability to hold the weight of the door while producing enough torque to open and close it.

However, if you find gaps between the coils, these spaces usually indicate that the coils have been stretched apart. Usually, due to age, the springs' metal can become weak, causing the strain of the weight from the door to eventually stretch them out.

If the springs have become so weakened as to cause stretching, it may be only a matter of time before they crack or break completely. Have a professional replace the springs before this happens and leaves you unable to open and close your door.

2.  Coils of the Springs Have Popped Out of Place

Another sign you can look for when conducting a visual inspection of the door's springs is coils that have popped out of place. Normally, the surface formed by the coils should be flat, even, and smooth from end to end.

However, if you find any coils that have popped out of place and are sticking up, there may be an alignment issue with the tracks or door. Or the springs may be worn out enough to cause them to uncoil. A repair service can help determine what has made the coils pop up so that they can either fix the springs or turn their attention toward other parts of the garage door's system.

If you find either or both of the visual signs above during your inspection, the damaged garage door springs can cause issues if they are not fixed or replaced. For example, they could wear out your door opener's motor or cause uneven stress on the door itself. Contact a business that offers garage door repair services to have them verify the problem with the springs so that they can take the necessary action.