What Services Do Garage Door Companies Provide?

A garage door can increase the value and security of your enclosed garage. It offers increased shelter and an opportunity to protect your vehicles and other belongings from vandals, thieves, and unfortunate weather. A garage door service will be able to help you with all your garage door needs, whether you already have one or you're thinking about investing in a new one. Here are just a few of the services such a company can provide.

1. Garage Door Installation

Some older garages don't come equipped with garage doors because it's cheaper to construct garages without them. An automatic garage door can be retracted whenever you want to let sunlight and air into your garage, and it can be closed when you're ready to secure the space once again. Overhead garage doors with modular panels are the most common type of door. A motor and pulley system raises the garage door when a button is pressed, so you don't need to be particularly strong or tall to operate the garage door. A garage door service can bring the door to your home and perform the installation in a single day.

2. Diagnostic Services

If your garage door is behaving strangely, the source of the problem may not be immediately apparent. A garage door service can diagnose your issue by sending a service person to your home to investigate. Motor issues are very common, and they can occur when an old motor becomes worn out. If your springs are improperly adjusted with insufficient tension, your garage door motor could be working harder than intended. This can strain the motor and lead to a breakdown in the future. A competent and skilled service person can tell you exactly what the problem is.

3. Replacement Parts and Repair Work

A broken garage door will likely require replacement parts before it can be restored to its former function. These parts can be difficult to obtain on your own, but your garage door service has access to suppliers who can give them the exact parts they need for your garage door model. They will provide the parts and perform repairs in a timely fashion. Working with the same garage door service for both installations and repairs can save you a lot of time; the professionals who installed your door will have firsthand knowledge of the make and model, so they'll be able to fix it without a lot of guesswork.