Should You Replace Your Garage Door Springs Before Winter?

If your garage door is barely hanging on due to bad springs, you want to replace the springs before it becomes too cold outside. Although the cold season may seem like the worst time to work on your garage door, it may actually be the best time to do so. Winter's harsh weather conditions can make your deteriorating springs unsafe to use. Here are reasons to replace your ailing garage door springs now.

Why Is Important to Replace the Springs?

Broken, deteriorated, or severely damaged garage door springs can become worse during the cold season. During the winter, garage door springs and other metal parts can experience different changes that affect their safety and stability. Metals can expand (shrink) when exposed to heat or hot temperatures, or it can contract (grow larger) when exposed to cold temperatures. If the springs contract too much, they can crack or break.

Because springs use tension to raise, lower, and hold your door in place, you don't want to replace them yourself. Even if the springs appear sound and safe, they can allow the door to crash down without notice. You want to avoid the dangerous by having a garage door specialist replace your springs.

How Do You Get Started With the Replacement?

A garage door specialist will generally look at the entire door before they actually replace its springs. The door's panels may be rotten or dilapidated. The cables, rollers, and other metal pieces may have rusted as well. These parts can affect your door's stability throughout the year.

After a specialist completes the inspection, they can repair the springs. If a contractor recommends that you replace the entire door, you may want to do so as soon as possible. Winter can produce weather severe enough to collapse garage doors. If your door falls, it can expose your home to freezing cold temperatures. The replacement keeps you and your home safe.

You want to keep your repaired or replaced garage door safe by monitoring it throughout winter. If the door becomes uneven, off balance, or damaged, repair the problem immediately. Waiting till spring or summer may only lead to additional problems and expenses.

Also, remove snow and ice from your door as soon as you notice them. Melting snow and ice can seep into your garage door and damage it.

If you're ready to move forward with your repairs, contact a garage door specialist today, such as Mid-South Door Co.