4 Ways To Totally Revamp Your Garage Door This Year

Your garage door is something that you use every day, and it's a part of your home that everyone can see. Naturally, you want your garage door to look great and function perfectly. If your garage door needs a little work and isn't operating as smoothly or looking as good as it used to, here are a few ways you can completely revamp your garage door this year.

1. Put on New Garage Door Springs

Your garage door's torsion springs are a critical element to your garage door working properly. When these springs get old, rusted, or break, your garage door may not open or it may not open smoothly. However, replacing garage door springs yourself can be dangerous, since there are thousands of pounds of pressure on these springs. It is highly recommended that you consult with a garage door repair specialist in order to have new springs put on. Once your springs have been replaced, you'll notice that your garage door functions much more smoothly.

2. Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Another important component in the operation of your garage door is its opener. When your opener does not work properly, your garage door may not open at all or may get stuck halfway up or halfway down. This can happen at the least opportune times, such as when you're trying to get to work on time. Check your opener regularly, and if it needs to be replaced, either replace the opener on your own (it's not as dangerous as working with torsion springs) or consult a garage door repair professional. With a new opener, you can be confident that you'll be able to get in and out of your garage door with ease throughout the entire year.

3. Put In New Garage Door Insulation

Insulation is key to ensuring that your garage stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Without insulation, you pay for air conditioning or heating to leak out right through the cracks in your garage door. Cutting insulation to fit each of the panels on your garage door is simple work, and there usually isn't an issue with your garage door fitting through the opening system when insulation has been applied properly. Not only will your garage be more comfortable when you insulate the door, you'll save a lot more money as well!

4. Repaint Your Garage Door

Once everything is working properly with your garage door, it's time to address any cosmetic issues the door may have. Over time, a garage door will begin to look weathered as a result of coming into contact with rain, wind, snow, ice, hail, and other adverse weather. A simple paint job can transform your garage door from boring and older looking to appealing and brand new. Use a brown gel paint to get a wood look, or go for a classic white. If your garage door doesn't have windows, you can paint a few of the panels at the top black to give the illusion of real windows, and adding a couple of wrought iron carriage door handles is a great way to get your garage door looking uber posh on a dime.

Just like any other area of your house, your garage door requires yearly maintenance to ensure that it continues to work properly when you need it to and that it adds to the curb appeal of your home. By combining practical fixes with aesthetic changes, you can customize your garage door and create a door that you'll be truly proud to use and show off to your neighbors this year. Contact a company like Overhead Door Of Akron for more information on garage door supplies and accessories.