4 Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Before Christmas

An outdated garage door in need of repair or replacement can cause a number of problems. Your electric-powered door might freeze in place and need to be pulled open or shut by hand, or you may notice squeaking, creaking, or grinding sounds coming from the door or its motor. When your garage door fails to close completely, cold air may drift in through the cracks, resulting in a higher-than-usual electric bill for your family.

However, with the hectic holiday season rapidly approaching, you may be hesitant to schedule garage door maintenance for any of these issues. Here are four excellent reasons to go ahead and contact a garage door specialist before Christmas arrives. 

You Want to Sneak in Presents

Sometimes Santa needs a little help from you or your significant other. After a late night of shopping, it can be difficult to sneak the presents inside if your garage door rumbles and creaks loudly whenever you open it. A garage door specialist can examine your door to determine the cause of its loud noises, then recommend a solution that fits your budget.

The repair may be as simple as replacing a small part or adding some lubrication to the door's rollers, or you may need a completely new door. Generally, though, you can expect the specialist to make a quick, basic repair. 

Weather is Cold During the Holiday Season

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you might reconsider your wishes after you discover how cold your home gets when you have issues with your garage door. A garage door that fails to close properly provides a perfect place for cold air to gather. It may also attract insects and other critters who want to escape the cold weather.

Even if your door closes all the way, there may be other issues that cause heat to escape from your home. If your garage's perimeter is in need of weatherstripping, cold air can easily enter your garage. A contractor who specializes in garage door maintenance can insulate and seal your garage door, so you can enjoy the beauty of winter weather without experiencing the chill. 

You Plan to Host Family Gatherings

Do you have enough room for your loved ones to park their vehicles when they stop buy to sing Christmas carols or feast on a holiday dinner? If a broken garage door is currently keeping you and members of your household from parking your own vehicles in the garage, your guests may be forced to find a spot in the yard or on the street. This could be dangerous for elderly visitors. 

If your elderly guests have to walk through piles of snow or travel across patches of ice to reach your front door, it could put them at risk of slipping and falling. If you repair your garage door before the holiday season, you can let senior citizens park in the driveway and enter the home through your garage to minimize the amount of time they spend walking on potentially dangerous surfaces outside.

You Might Be More Tired Than Usual

As the holidays approach, you may find that you feel more tired than you do during the rest of the year. This can occur if you have seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. You may also feel fatigued because you have more social commitments than usual due to holiday parties and charitable obligations that take place during this time of year.

Regardless of the reason why you're exhausted, you deserve to rest as much as possible during this busy time. If your garage door is broken, you might be unable to park inside of the enclosure. This means you have to walk farther to get inside, which can be difficult if you're already tired. You also might feel too stressed or overwhelmed to deal with additional commitments, such as scheduling a garage door repair, as Christmas draws closer. For these reasons, it's ideal to fix the garage door before the holiday arrives.

Don't wait until you're in the middle of scheduling Christmas concerts and Secret Santa gift exchanges to plan your garage door repair. For more information, book a consultation with a trusted company now so that you have plenty of time to make the most of your holiday season.